Secure additional income through energy customers 
with AVALO's new Affiliate Program

Our Strong Energy Partner
Through the help of AVALO-energy, emondo plans to become the first and biggest blockchain-based 
pan-european energy provider in the next three to five years.
  • Europe-wide: emondo is the first pan-european energy provide which delivers across boarders. 
  •  Planet-first: 100% clean and renewable energy & sustainable dealings with resources. 
  •  Blockchain technology: Efficient energy consumption through decentralized systems + first mover in the energy sector. 
  •  Transparent tariffs: The customer always pays the current price of energy + a service fee.  
  •  Exclusive right: AVALO-energy owns the exklusive rights to market emondo & Their products. 
Through the help of emondo, AVALO-energy turns agents into partners and shareholders. Everyone, who participates in building the company, profits from the success of the company in the longterm. 

1) Start up Finanzierung
2) AP Programm
In Progress...
3) Initial Coin Offering - Public Sale 
4) Börsengang
The Affiliate Programm   - Here is how it works! 
The Affiliate-Program gives AVALO-Members, with big networks and clientele, the opportunity to profit from AVALO-energy's success.
Through the AP, the Affiliate-Partner purchases customer vouchers, which are directly used for customer acquisition. 

AVALO-energy builds a sustainable customer base for you and you profit from every one of your customers over the cause of 5 years. 

There is a maximum of AP's wich will be sold, which is 10 mio. Euro. After the target is reached, the AVALO-Affiliate Program will be closed.  
The AP Structure in detail
Your personal mix of Air-Time commission, AVALO-energy Tokens and monthly Airdrop. 
Air-Time Commission
You are purchasing a certain number of Air-Time shares, which are dependent on the size of your AP. The number of shares is decisive for the amount of commissions you will receive. 
40% of the profits from all AP energy customers are flowing directly into the European Air-Time-Commission-Pool. The pool will be distributed proportionately, based on your Air-Time shares. 
AVALO-energy Tokens
On top of your Air-Time commission, you are receiving AVALO-energy tokens. The number of tokens is also dependent on your AP-Program. Additionally, you will get the chance to participate in the AVALO-energy ICO, benefit from the Family & Friends Program and secure Pre-Launch Bonus tokens. 
Every affiliate-partner immediately receives free bonus-tokens. For holding these tokens, every partner receives a monthly airdrop, between 0,3% and 1,2% (dependent on your program), of additional bonus-tokens. The airdrop runs up to 5 years past the actual ICO. 

The AP-Programs
Join the Pan-European energy revolution today 
and secure yourself this unique business opportunity! 
AP 50
one time payment, plus 20% VAT
  • 5 Airtime Shares
  • 50.000 Tokens 
  • Airdrop: 0,3% mtl. Bonus Tokens
AP 100
one time payment, plus 20% VAT
  • 10 Airtime Shares 
  • 100.000 Tokens 
  • Airdrop: 0,4% mtl. Bonus Tokens
AP 200
one time payment, plus 20% VAT
  • 20 Airtime Shares
  • 200.000 Tokens 
  • Airdrop: 0,6% mtl. Bonus Tokens
AP 500
one time payment, plus 20% VAT
  • 50 Airtime Shares
  • 500.000 Tokens
  • Airdrop: 0,8% mtl. Bonus Tokens
AP 1000
one time payment, plus 20% VAT
  • 100 Airtime Shares 
  • 1.000.000 Tokens 
  • Airdrop 1,0% mtl. Bonus Tokens
one time payment, plus 20% VAT
  • 220 Airtime Shares 
  •  2.200.000 Tokens
  • Airdrop: 1,2% mtl. Bonus Tokens
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